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Proud to care

February 17, 2017

My blog on life after 32 years as an NHS Scotland nurse.

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Care Homes by Derek Barron. Director of Care, Erskine.

After 32 years working in the NHS, latterly as Associate Nurse Director/Lead Nurse, I left last year and joined Erskine (aka Erskine Hospital).

So six/seven months into post what can I share, what have I learnt and what is next?

Firstly a little about Erskine, what made me want to go and work there – “it is Scotland’s foremost provider of care for veterans and their spouses, Erskine offers unrivaled nursing, residential, respite and dementia care in our four homes throughout Scotland for UK veterans”.  OK, that’s the corporate lines, but what’s it really like?

Well, let me tell you – it’s a dynamic environment which focuses on rehabilitation; the maximising of our residents abilities.

Care is founded on relationships, with an underpinning human rights approach.

More corporate jargon? What does that really mean?

It means we strive to maximise the choices…

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