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PREP requirements and #tag chats

February 25, 2013


Last week I took part in two tweetchats (pre planned discussions on Twitter which are access by following a #tag).  On Monday I was an active participant in #demphd, which is a Twitter discussion organised around people undertaking a PhD in dementia, although, as with all Tweetchats others are welcome to join in irrespective of their own area of study or simply out of interest: the full chat can be viewed here.

The second tweetchat was the one that actually lead to this blog, #nhssm.

Starting the discussion @gemma_finnegan asked:

Starter question


The resultant discussion is worth of further reading, it can be access here courtesy of @a_double_tt (Alex Talbott).

DiscussionDiscussion ensued on whether a tweetchat could count toward CPD, or in the case of nurses towards their learning requirements for their PREP portfolio. (All nurses (and midwives) must complete 450 hours of registered practice in the previous three years and have undertaken 35 hours of learning activity (CPD) during the same period).  In addition to direct patient care roles the practice standard can be achieved through a variety of other roles including “administrative, supervisory, teaching, research and managerial roles”.

@dgfoord then went on to asked the question about interaction with others or can it be self directed.

As Mike Cook says in the final comment – CPD has to involve interaction with the materials being discussed, even if that doesn’t mean with other people.  In other words it’s not simply a passive ‘I was there’, it requires engagement with the materials, a reflection on what was learnt and a plan of how that will be put into practice, either now or in the future.

ePortfolio evidence

The two graphs below are screendumps from my personal ePortfolio using the NHS Education for Scotland ePortfolio that is available for every nurse and midwife in Scotland.  It provides a career long portfolio than can be linked to the KSF (Knowledge and Skills Framework) that form the basis of CPD of most healthcare practitioners in Scotland

ePortfolio 1ePortfolio 2

I’ve taken a simple approach to these to demonstrate that learning doesn’t need to be an earth shattering break through, it simply requires that the  practitioner reflects on their learning, that they demonstrate their ongoing learning/development and that they think about how they will apply their learning related to their professional responsibilities/practice.

The NMC does not specify what our learning activities are, they do however expect that we continue to learn, that we record that learning and that we apply the learning in our practice.

Win: win

The final point relates to evidence  – my next step is to .pdf the Storify of the #demphd and add that to my portfolio along with my reflection on my learning.  That’s one hour of my PREP learning requirements completed, and somewhat critically I enjoyed the experience – win:win anyone?


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