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Picture this #dayin10pics

November 28, 2012

Picture this – a pictorial day in the life of..


First meeting of the day with @markfleming1 – eHealth and ICPs are on the agenda.

Even forgot to talk about F1, so it must have been a busy meeting – somewhat unfortunately he is a Red Bull fan.

If you want to know more about what Mark does, read ayrshirehealth blog.

BTW the clock in the background says 10.17hrs, but it also says 20th – neither are right.


Tip I learnt a few years ago – my Outlook opens up to ‘Calendar’ rather than ‘Inbox’ – that way I start off looking at and considering my agenda, rather than have the prioritises of others (i.e. emails) determining the shape of my day.

There is also the small matter of a pile of paperwork in my paperlite office.



Heading for a brief meeting with @rasin_ayrshire about ‘RASIN’ – Research, Audit & Service Improvement Network, which meets the first Thursday of every month.

Gently encouraging @rasin_ayrshire to engage more proactively with SoMe, and Twitter in particular – although the RASIN Facebook page is also strangely empty so far.

That aside had a usefully catch up on forthcoming plans and opportunities to co-support the activities, as we work towards building ‘researchmindedness’ across our clinical teams to deliver University Hospital status in the future.

Great leadership and guidance of our research focus from Dr EJ.


Wanted to – but didn’t


One of the great thrills I get is attending the award ceremony for our Vocational Qualification candidates – both clinical and non-clinical VQs and our new Higher National Certificates that bring academic points with them.

A learning organisation is only made up of learning individuals – well done to every one of them.

Presentations (non-clinical) were by the Director of O&HRD (who isn’t on Twitter!) and the clinical awards were presented by Executive Nurse Director @fionacmcqueen


Pack up time for home – the paperlite pile has been added to: how does that work?


Heading home

My day in ten pictures – thanks for sharing.

For those of you that worry about such things, the express permission of everyone pictured in the blog was sought and granted – thanks to everyone for agreeing to help.


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